New Year Update

Greetings to all and Happy New Year!!

It has been a L-O-N-G time since I’ve done a proper update letter, but mainly that has been due to how little there has been to update you on! Even now, there’s not much to tell which makes me ask myself why I’m even writing this, but with it being a new year and all that, I figure it’s a good time.

First, let’s talk about the “stills” in my life:

  • I’m still with the same company and doing the same job in New Jersey I took after getting back from England.
  • I’m still single – unfortunately my dating life has felt more like being a part of someone’s science experiment…most of the time it seems to be a choice of date the bizarre or don’t date! More recently I’ve been leaning towards the latter – can you blame me?
  • I still have my bird.
  • I’m still living in glamorous New Hope, PA.
  • I still don’t like tomatoes.
  • I still love chocolate.

Now let’s hit on some events that occurred in 2002 which you may or may not be aware of:

  • My parents and both of my sisters moved to Atlanta, GA.
  • I took my first trip back to Alaska last March since leaving in ’99…I also hit Seattle for a couple of days and Vancouver, BC for a few as well.
  • I met Stephen King at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston while I was there for a manager’s meeting.
  • I had a car accident in August (not my fault, thankfully!) which totaled my car. Naturally the accident was a horrible thing, but I didn’t really like my car to begin with so I wasn’t too sad to see it go. I have a new RAV4 now and love it!
  • My sister (Jo) came back to visit in October and we took a road trip up to Newport, RI.
  • I made my first trip back to Ground Zero since volunteering with the Red Cross just after the attacks.
  • I have mice in my apartment which I have been desperately trying to get rid of. So far I’ve caught 7 and I’m relatively certain that there’s more.
  • In early December I escaped to Salem, MA for a long weekend to unwind and recoup from a long and tiring year!

And finally we come to what I’m sure will be by far the most fascinating part of my letter – for those of you who haven’t yet drifted off…my 2002 revelations which are leading me towards decisions to be made in 2003!

Over the past few months, I have come to realize that my current location and job are not really very conducive to the kind of life I ultimately want to have. New Hope is a great little town, but it’s a LITTLE town and – unless you’re into alternate lifestyles or witchcraft – the town doesn’t offer much in the way of a dynamic social life. Church isn’t much better since the one I’ve been going to is 45 minutes away which makes it a little difficult to really get involved. Throw my job and coursework into the mix, and I’m almost never available anyway! One danger of being single without much aside from work in your life is that you tend to let work take over your life. It never seems to be the plan…I mean, I certainly didn’t agree to take this job with the thought that it would consume practically every waking moment, but it very nearly does. Long hours, responsibility, and a large land area to support with lots of traveling (I drove over 43,000 miles this past year) make for some really exhausting days and don’t leave room for much else.

That said, I am looking to make some changes in 2003.

So what’s the next stop on the Deb Express? Well, when I came back to the States, it was never my intension to return permanently to the East Coast. In my view, the decision to take this job in Jersey was a very unexciting but “adult” thing to do. A week before I started, 9/11 happened and changed everything and have I ever been thankful to have this job! For most of this past year, I was pretty content in that I felt that I was where the Lord wanted me to be (even if I didn’t really want to be here). Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been growing less and less content and more unsettled – and I think God is leading.

The direction I’m feeling particularly pulled in is to get out of the financial world (scary!) and into more the kind of work that He has given me a gift and a love for: writing. Now this isn’t to say I’m just going to become a “starving artist” type or start panhandling… I’m actually looking into getting into the publishing world and just see where that leads. Everyone I mention this to – from friends and family all the way down to some guy I ran into on the street – are supportive and agree that this is an avenue they could see me heading down very happily. I’m particularly interested in moving out to Colorado and seeing what opportunities might be available in some of the Christian publishing houses there (Focus on the Family, NAV Press, etc.). I’m hoping to make a trip out to CO in late-winter or early-spring to check out the area. Speaking of which, if any of you know anyone out there who might be willing to tell me more about the area, etc. from a resident’s perspective, I would GREATLY appreciate it – I’m starving for input!!

Now that’s my life at the moment, such as it is! As I finalize plans for the future, I will be sure to keep everyone updated. In the meantime, your prayers are of much value as always!!

Hope to hear from every last one of you, although I know the odds of that are against me. :)

Love to all…