Right In My Own Backyard

Typically I would say that there isn’t all that much going on in my backyard… I do some gardening, etc. – a relatively new thing for me coming from NYC where most people don’t really have anywhere to garden, as you might imagine – but other than that, what can I say… It’s a yard. It does yard-y things except this Spring I had a couple of robins build a nest in this bush right by my patio door.

The bush that they built in is a down-right evil bush… It has attacked me more times than I can count since I moved in. It has these nasty little stickers that cover it and whenever I get too close, it thinks nothing of stabbing me with its stickers which then proceed to break free and embed themselves in my hand, arm, leg…wherever it feels so led. For the robins, I imagine this makes a perfect place to nest since not many living creatures could survive in this bush.

Anyway, the robins built one nest which they constructed a little too close to the end of a branch and it ended up falling. Undeterred, they began again and built another one a little further in which seems to be holding up just fine.

A few weeks and several eggs later, the baby robins have now hatched and are sitting comfortably stuffed in their little home. They are the sweetest things!! I’ve been watching their mother pop in and out periodically with worms, berries, and other sustinance for them.

I go out each morning and say “hi” to them and also check on them again when I get home from work. I’ve decided it’s best to not tell Brighton about them since she might get jealous… :) (For those who don’t know, Brighton is my cockatiel).

So that’s it – just wanted to share since this is by far the most exciting thing that’s happened in my little yard since I moved in. Ciao for now!

Airport Weather Woes

Not that I really want to make a habit of only posting blogs when I’m bored out of my skull, but that is quite frankly what is spurring me to post one now.

I’m quickly becoming intimately connected to the portion of Terminal A at EWR which services Continental flights going to Chicago, Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta. Personally, I’m just trying to get to Atlanta, but apparently this is not the day to do it.

Weather was bad last night with huge thunderstorms that rocked the area. Today wasn’t so bad…a little rain and clouds, but that’s about it – I’ve taken off in worse conditions. However it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing here if in other places the weather is rotten, particularly when a flight that you’re on is delayed coming in from another location. Unfortuntely, there appears to be weather just about everywhere else right now as well as here. So flights coming in from Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, etc. have ALL been delayed.

So here I sit…full terminal, starving, and bored. I could get up and get something to eat, but one of the downsides of traveling alone is that in order to go somewhere, you have to take everything you have with you. For me, this would also mean losing my prime real estate spot by one of the poles with an outlet in it – the key for being able to keep my laptop operating which is my sanity-saver right now. So getting up is not an option.

Amazing how tired you can get just doing nothing. Tired after hiking 8 hours at 10,000 feet of altitude makes sense to me, tired after sitting in an airport for 3.5 hours does not.

They’ve announced that the flight we’re waiting for from Boston is scheduled to land in the next half hour. Hopefully then they can clean off the plane, get us boarded, and take off this becomes more than just a simple weather delay and moves into the realm of the rediculous. My flight was originally supposed to get into ATL around 8:15, but now is claiming a touchdown of about 10:15 or so… This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I’m only down there for the weekend. So basically with this time delay, I’ll be getting in just in time to go to bed and then going home less than 48 hours later…that is, if there isn’t weather again on the back-end of my trip. Please God, no!

The whole point of this weekend is for my sister, Kristin’s wedding shower. We’re having it tomorrow and Joanna & I are the matron & maid of honor (respectively). Jo was going to pick me up at 8:30 and then we were going to hit the grocery store to pick up all the food for tomorrow, however I’m wondering if she’ll have to load up with out me because I can tell you right now that I’m not going to feel much like shopping after this.

Well, I’m out of things to say now. They haven’t said anything else about further delays so hopefully there will be none and I’ll be in the air in the next hour or so.

Here’s hopin’!