Tartan Day Ball

So as you might have figured out, I did manage to find a dress. After hours of painful searching (and I mean PAINFUL), as a last-ditch effort I stopped into JC Penney’s and, lo and behold, found the PERFECT dress. It was floor-length, black, and I didn’t look like I had been stuffed into it! To top it all off, it was only $80 on sale! Wahoo! Thankfully, I already had a handbag and shoes so once the dress was found, I was set.

I know you’re all wondering how the event went, so without further ado…

I left work around 1:45, had my hair done up and was back at the house by 4 leaving me just enough time to change and get out the door by 4:30. I was to meet Alex and a bunch of other people in the Old Cafe at the Union League (Broad & Sansom – it’s that old funky building with the two rounded staircases in front).

I got there early, but that was fine. I settled in with a glass of wine and waited for everyone else to arrive. A friend of Alex’s named Lindsey (male) showed up first. Then Alex and his friend Sharon (who he was setting up with another friend of his) showed up followed by a friend of Sharon’s and another friend of Alex’s and the six of us headed up to the party.

Cocktails and hors’dourves lasted until 8 when then ushered us into the main banquet room for Scottish highland dancers, dinner (which sadly included haggis), and ballroom-style dancing.

As for Alex, well, let’s just say that I’ve managed to filter out one more guy from my future husband search. Don’t get me wrong – I liked him a lot…he’s a nice guy and fun, but there’s just zero attraction there – not to mention he dropped me on the dance floor…literally.

Here is a picture of us:

So I spent a portion of my drive home in tears over the fact that, even though I try to not get hopes up when meeting a new guy (eHarmony-originating or not) I still do. I guess I’m just an optimist at heart and want to believe that each new guy might be THE guy, and yet instead every new guy is another one who isn’t. I just keep thinking that this losing streak has got to break sometime – then again, it took the Red Sox over 80 years to win another World Series. On the positive side, they did win another one – on the negative side, I don’t have 86 years to spare waiting for my World Series…I’m already 33 afterall. Even Bridget Jones was with Mark Darcy by 33…but let me just say that if I knew that I would eventually end up with Colin Firth, I don’t think I’d mind waiting so much. :)

Anyway, it was a fun evening overall, and I may have at least made a friend or two. Actually the friend of Alex that he brought (Sharon Bain) goes to Tenth. She’s been there for awhile, so you may have come in contact with her when you guys were here. She and I exchanged numbers and may get together.

For now I’ll go and leave you with some pictures below.  One is a landscape shot of all of us dancing, one is of me & Alex, and then finally another of Alex & myself along with a couple from our table.

What Will Delaware?

Remember that silly play-on-words rhyme from grade school? If Mississippi got a New Jersey… Anyway, so tomorrow is the dinner and I’m frighteningly close to having to cancel. I went to the mall yesterday and could find NOTHING in the stores for an event like this – well, unless you want to count the weird green number I tried on in a moment of desperation which made me look like a slightly porky mermaid.

Also, just in looking online at various stores, I’ve been nothing short of appauled by some of the prom “dresses” (if you can even call them that) on the virtual racks. Some are just hideous 80′s retro looking things with layers of ruffles or made out of vinyl (Hey, Cyndi Lauper called…she wants her wardrobe back). Others were just…well…trailer trash slutty. I found myself wondering what sorts of people would even allow their daughters to even think of putting on a dress like some of these out there right now and leave the house?? Flash back to 1992 (year of my Senior Prom) and, while I certainly remember that there were some dresses people wore which we were all a little “what the…?” about, for the most part our outfits were black-tie and classy enough to still be worn today (assuming that we could still fit into them some 15 years later).

Speaking of 15-year-old memories, let me add that while I was in one of the department stores, a bottle of Drakkar caught my eye as I cut through the perfume section. Remember Drakkar? Back in the day, I think every guy had a bottle of that stuff – including my high school boyfriend, Mike, and I don’t think I’ve caught of whiff of it since Mike and I broke-up over Christmas 1992. Out of sheer curiosity, I picked up the bottle and sniffed. Now I’ve previously heard that smells can invoke memories more powerfully than almost any of our other senses and I’m here to tell you that this is true. With my eyes closed for an instant and that bottle of Drakkar in hand, I was immediately 17 again. It was almost frightening.

Enough of the tangent, let’s get back to the real issue here…

Due to yesterday’s utter lack of success, I’ve decided that my best hope is to make the trek over to the King of Prussia Mall, home of Nordstrom’s and about a billion other stores and potential. I have great hope that I will not be coming home tonight empty handed.

Painted Fat Bunny Refrigerators

Okay, so I know the title doesn’t make much sense, but this entry is such a platypus of topics, I couldn’t think of a good title so I just tried to merge them all together. I promise the entry itself isn’t so cryptic.

Today I reached a whole new level of…well, depression – for lack of a better word. I was going through my work computer trying to clear out old files that I no longer need and stumbled across photos from a work trip we took to San Antonio a few years ago (I think it was 2004). Anyway, in the photos, I couldn’t help but notice how thin I was – emphasis on WAS. Yes, that’s right, I have added probably 20 pounds in the past year or so since leaving the city. Just one more reason to be sad that I’m not still in New York. Sigh.

I suppose this really should motivate me to start working out again, or go on a diet…instead it just makes me want to make a mad dash to the grocery story and find comfort from my buds, Ben & Jerry.

However, I really should do something… Aside from the fact that I just really looked good in those pictures, I’m starting to notice just how many clothes I have now that don’t really fit so well any more. On top of which, I’m down to 8 weeks and 3 days before I leave for the Alaska cruise. If I can get my rapidly-expanding butt in gear now, I could potentially lose most (if not all) of those 20 superfluous pounds before then. So c’mon Deb – whatcha waiting for? Hop to!

On an entirely different subject, I should probably update on my last entry re: C and the troubles there. Thanks to all for comments, thoughts, and prayers on this – and please don’t stop! We did speak, she apologized, but nothing has really changed. But such is life. I will press on as before, speak to her when I have to, but otherwise just figure that she most likely isn’t going to change so I should just not be surprised when she doesn’t.

Finally, tragedy struck in my backyard yesterday.

I knew that there was something going on under the Evil Bush that grows by the sliding glass doors. Chena’s had an abnormal interest in that area for a couple of weeks – sniffing around, pawing at the ground, and even whining sometimes like she does when she can’t get a toy that’s rolled under the sofa. Then the other day we saw a bunny in the backyard. Chena spotted it first through the door and had started growling. I really need to work to help her understand the difference between a burglar and a bunny – she seems to think anything in the backyard carries the same threat, when in truth, I’m much less afraid of a bunny – that is, unless it’s THE rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Anyway, yesterday when I got home, I took Chena outside and we discovered that there is actually a bunny nest under the bush! While this might normally be a happy find, I was extremely distressed because two of the baby bunnies were lying dead just outside of the rabbit hole. One of them was missing its head, the other looked like it may have just been literally scared to death because it was completely intact, but just lying there. This has to be one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

I looked it up online and discovered that typically if a baby bunny is found dead like that (without a head), a few sites said it was most likely the work of a house cat in the area since any other animal would have taken its prey with it. However house cats don’t kill for hunger, so this is often how they’ll leave things they get a hold of. Several of my neighbors have cats that they let wander around so I think this is the most likely scenario. Colleen of course thought it was Chena – yeah, right! First off, Chena’s not vicious like that – she had even seen the baby bunnies before and didn’t growl at them or anything. Secondly, those bunnies weren’t there in the morning so it had to be something that happened during the day and Chena was inside all day. So whatever. I know it wasn’t her.

I know that bunnies have a high mortality rate (part of the reason why I think they have so many babies!) but it still bothered me to find that. I had to scoop them up with a shovel and take them out of the yard of course – that was even sadder. I’m not sure if there are more babies or not – I suspect that there may be, but I can’t see into the hole well enough to tell…and I’m certainly not one to go messing around with that bush with its evil prickers.

So that’s it. I’m fat, my roommate is difficult, and the bunnies are dead. Sigh. For fear of ruining everyone’s day by ending on such a downer, I’ll finish by adding a few additional (and hopefully more fun) tidbits…

1) Happy Easter!! Hope everyone had a good one! (And yes, the dead bunnies in the wake of Easter has not escaped my finely-tuned irony radar) I spent most of my weekend painting. My kitchen is now yellow (Sherwin Williams “Bee’s Wax” to be exact – see swatch) which looks great next to my green cabinets. And then I decided to do an accent wall so I’ve painted the long wall in my living/dining room red (see swatch again). It looks brilliant against the khaki in the rest of the room, not to mention the yellow from the kitchen. I’m painting the powder room the same color which I think will be a great way to bring some of the color elsewhere.

2) I got a new refrigerator and dishwasher (Best Buy, 24 mos no interest financing which is like free money for 2 years!) They were delivered on Friday, installed on Saturday, and look fantastic in my kitchen… Almost feels like a whole new kitchen. Next purchase will be an over-the-range microwave so I can get some of my limited counter space back. Oh, and the fridge I got is a TV star. Yes, that’s right. The day before they delivered it, HGTV had gone to Best Buy to film my fridge for some show they’re doing in the area. So my sleek, sexy, counter-depth, in-door water & ice dispensing fridge will be coming soon to a TV near you. Autographs? Why yes, if anyone is interested, I’m sure I could get a freezer bag signed for you. Just let me know.

Laments of a Suburban Single

And I’m back after a week away visiting Jo & Joshua (which you can read all about if you haven’t already). Weird, wild stuff. But now I’m back at work and trying desperately to get comfortable in my own place.

So of course it was so great to be back with Chena again! There was a lot of excitement and peeing that went on during our reunion (she did the peeing – I was just excited). This was the longest I’ve ever left her for and I missed her.

Apart from my joy in seeing her, I’m really sad to be back home. Not so much because I’d rather be in North Dakota (I’d love to see someone make that sentiment into a bumper sticker…), but because I just don’t want to be HERE. I have said on more than one occasion that I don’t particularly care for living in this part of the country. I have often gone on to say that if I have to live here, then I would at least be in NYC. But alas, I’m not.

Most New Yorkers have a love/hate relationship with the city, however the love usually outweighs the hate. For example, I adored all the people – even though that meant dealing with a few crazies. I loved walking everywhere – even though that sometimes meant walking in the rain or bitter cold. I loved how easy it was to travel from New York – even though that meant lugging my suitcase around with me all day when I was set to depart after work. See what I mean? In any case, the things that could bug me about New York are the things I don’t have to deal with out here in suburbia – but I also miss out on the things I loved, and since the loves outweighed the hates, it’s torturous to me that I not only have to live on the East Coast, but have to live outside of NYC.

But what can be done?

Things being what they are, not much right now. Since my ultimate goal is to move to the Pacific Northwest (preferably Seattle, but maybe Portland), I fail to see the logic in trying to move back into New York at this point (the process of moving in or out of NY is definitely one of my hates). By the same token, I don’t know how far out on the horizon a move to SEA or the like might be and I don’t relish the thought of spending an indefinite amount of time here.

I don’t want to say I feel as though I’m in a rut, but maybe in a way I am… From a work perspective, my career is going great. Yay. But socially, I’m barely functioning.

Another birthday has just flown by and I feel as though I’m in the same position I was a year ago (except that a year ago I had just returned from hiking the Inca Trail and hanging out in the Amazon). My fear is that if the same is true next year and I’m sitting at my desk (again) after the passing of another birthday (again) with nothing having changed (again) or looking as though I’m any closer to being able to get out of here, I may just crack.

Consider yourselves warned.