The Saga Continues

So it’s official. “The Little Red Ship” has officially become not only the first ship to carry tourists across the Drake Passage to Antarctica, it has also become the first ship to sink there.

This photo (Credits: Chilean Air Force, via European Pressphoto Agency) shows The Explorer on its side surrounded by ice floes.

I can’t even begin to tell you how utterly saddened I am by this… I was just telling my sister this morning that it’s not just that I was excited about my upcoming trip to Antarctica (after over a decade of dreaming about it), but I was also excited about the fact that I was going to be going on The Explorer. “The Little Red Ship” has such a history down there, and I was excited by the prospect of going on this trip with such a historic little red engine that could.

So now what? This is the question that still remains unanswered. GAP is going to have to figure out what they’re going to do with the other trips that were scheduled to go this season… My guess is that they’re going to have to cancel them and possibly offer to rebook at another time. I’m hoping that this doesn’t mean I won’t be able to go for another year – especially since I’ve already been waiting over a year for this trip! (For those that don’t know the details, I booked this trip last December). Either way, it’ll be fine, I’ll just be immensely disappointed, as you might imagine.

Why not just book on another company? Well, couple of reasons. Typically these trips book up months and months in advance and I’m already down to only 90 days-ish before my trip is set to leave. Also, GAP was by far the most affordable for this trip. Other companies charge twice as much (or more) for the same trip and I couldn’t possibly afford that – not without some serious budgeting and time to plan.

So there it is. I’ll wait to hear from GAP as I’m sure they’ll start going through and contacting all of the guests they’ve booked for the rest of this season and see what they propose doing. This should be interesting.

Titanic Revisited

Well you are NEVER going to believe this. The ship I’m supposed to go on for my Antarctica trip with GAP Adventures has struck an iceberg in Antarctic waters on a current cruise and is, at this moment, SINKING. And if you’re thinking, “Where have I heard of this kind of thing happening before..?” For me, Titanic springs to mind.

Check out the CNN story

I am just in serious shock. Unreal. Absolutely unreal. I called GAP who I’m sure is completely inundated with inquiries on this. I told them that I’m scheduled to go out on the trip leaving March 5 and therefore am set to pay the balance on the trip within the next week. They said that they at this point are unsure of what the status of future trips will be for this season at this point, but that they would be calling all booked passengers prior to the payment deadline. So here’s hoping that somehow this doesn’t mean that I don’t get to go to Antarctica this year… I will be absolutely devastated if that were the case. Of course if I had to wait another year, I guess that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world either. I mean, looking at the bright side of things, I could budget a little better for it and not be scrambling to find the cash a few weeks before balance due. It would give me more time to get the rest of the gear I need. I would have another year to improve my photography skills. Oh, and I could maybe go with a different company that might cost a little more, but be less likely to cause death while on the trip! Ha ha. (I should probably mention that all passengers were safely evacuated and picked up by another cruise ship passing by).

Anyway, can you believe it? Crazy, huh? So that’s it for now – I’ll keep you posted.

Just HAD To Share

Okay, so this came to me via email, but I was able track down the blog from where it originated. So insanely funny, I was laughing so hard at the pics and the comments that there were tears. Seriously.

So if you were born in or lived through the 70′s – or hey, if you just have a good sense of humor, read the following post:

Strap in, shut up and hold on. We’re going back.