Detox Rocks

I’ve been horribly negligent. I’ve owed you guys an update post for over a week now and have not delivered. I have no valid excuse other than the classic “I’ve been busy” bit so I won’t even attempt that with this audience…so I guess that means I really have no excuse at all. Call me what you will…I deserve it.

But now, to business.

The detox. Let me begin by saying that there was definte actual “detox” involved. I had a definite reaction to not having caffiene or sugar or both. The first two days contained a mild and irritating headache. On Day 3, the headache subsided, but I was still feeling kind of “off”. Day 4 I started feeling…well, fantastic really. By Day 11 I had lost 6 pounds (5 of which are still gone) and I felt like I had been given new life. Seriously, I felt THAT good. So good, in fact, that I haven’t really stopped yet. I’ve reintroduced some foods that I wasn’t permitted on the detox (cheese, for instance) but I still haven’t had caffeine or sugar or anything else “refined.” This isn’t just because I feel so great, but also because I’m suspicious that I may have some food allergies or intolerances that I wasn’t aware of previously, so I’m trying to reintroduce foods slowly to see if I have any sort of adverse reaction to them. So far I’ve been good with dairy. Wheat is next on my list to try, but I’m not there yet.

So let’s recap.

The 11 Day Detox managed to…

  • Detox me from caffeine and sugar (which killed my sugar cravings completely)
  • Clear up my skin
  • Get me off of allergy meds (I haven’t even remotely needed a Zyrtec since I started)
  • Help me shed 6 pounds

You might say the detox was a success, and I would agree…mostly. But I still have some work to be done.

See, one of the things I was hoping the detox would assist with is the near-constant digestive trouble I’ve had since having my gall bladder removed.

I’m told most people don’t have these issues. Most people can go back to eating completely “normally” after the surgery with no adverse affects. Sadly, I am not most people. What I am, though, is sick of dealing with it. I was hoping that the detox might give my liver and colon a fresh start and perhaps they would begin to function more normally. They definitely seem to be a little better, but definitely still not “normal.” This has been discouraging to say the least.

Having the detox not make much of a dent in this problem area marked the end of my proverbial rope.

And so now I’m taking the next logical step and am going to see a registered dietitian. I have to work from home on Tuesday due to an impromptu dentist appointment, so I’m actually hoping to make my first appointment with the dietitian for the same day since I’ll have more flexibility.

I’ve found a dietitian in the area that works for an organization that actually has a variety of services – nutrition, massage, personal training, etc. So who knows – maybe I can couple the nutritional stuff with something else…like massage. Hm. Now there’s an idea.

Anyway, so next steps are calling them on Monday to see about making a Tuesday appointment if I can. I’ll continue to keep you guys posted, but in the meantime, I really do feel AWESOME and would highly recommend even a short detox like this one to anybody.

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