Never A Dull Moment

As most of you are aware, I have been in the process of moving out of New York after having accepted a job a few weeks ago with a different department at my firm which is based out of New Jersey. Now moving, as anyone who’s done it knows, is stressful just on its own. A move out of (or into) NYC is another kind of stress altogether. Add onto that starting a new job, a 2 hour commute, missing my friends and life in the city, as well as house hunting for your first home purchase and you’re left with a variable stew of things that can make one want to pull one’s hair out. I have now been given one more thing to add to the mix – last weekend I fractured my left foot! Yes, that’s right. Apparently I didn’t have enough obsticles to hurdle myself over and through… I needed to do it on crutches as well. :)

The abridged version of how this happened is that I went to Vermont to go skiing and instead ended up running from a dog that I mistook to be Cujo, tripped in the dark, fell, and…well…you can probably figure it out from there.

So, quickly – the reason for my note is to just ask for your prayers over these next few weeks as I have a lot going on even without the use of both feet! I’m supposed to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving this week, I’m closing on my house next Friday (12/2), I need to actually get all of my stuff moved into the new place, I can’t currently drive my car which is a stick shift, and then I still need to work at some point (I’m home today and was home for half of yesterday). Please pray that I’ll be able to get everything done that I need to get done and that my foot might heal even more quickly than the 4-6 weeks I’ve been quoted… I’m also dealing with just a bunch of smaller logistical things as a result of all this as well.

Why God has allowed all had to happen at the same time I will probably never know, but it certainly manages to keep me on my toes (if only in a figurative sense…)