So who am I anyway? 

Well, my pseudonym comes from my love of writing (hence the blog) + my name (Deborah) which means “bee” in Hebrew – not that I’m Jewish, but my dad is something of a biblical scholar, so there you go.

I was born in Oregon but grew up on the East Coast in and around Philadelphia. Over my adult life to-date I’ve also lived in Alaska, the U.K., New York City. In July 2011, I packed up my world (or rather, the movers did), rented out my townhouse (since no one seems to be able to sell anything in the current, crazed market), and relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area with my dog.

I have a pretty acute case of wanderlust that manifests itself through my love of travel which is what helps keep me sane.  I dabble in photography. I also love coffee, wine, chocolate, and really good beer (IPAs especially). I adore activities that get me outdoors…I have a crazy love for sailing and being on the water, so I’m working this into my life as much as possible now that I’m living on San Francisco Bay.  I’m still single and though I’m not sure why, I’m cool with it and enjoying myself in the meantime.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can read my blog-standard list of 25 Things (because 100 is just too many).  Rock on.